Baby it’s cold outside..!

Hey gang,

Well, I had a very enjoyable and quiet Christmas again this year. Which was very much appreciated after all the goings on the past couple months. It’s been a crazy few months.

Most of this past weekend Nicki and I spent in our pj’s watching TV, playing with the kitties, or catching up on some much needed rest.

We spent Christmas day over at Nicki’s brother Don and sister-in-law Melanie’s house.

Logan and Logan (Thing1 and Thing2)

Most of Nicki’s family was there including new addition Marshall- he’s a cutie!

Also finally got to meet his sister Brooklyn, who’s also a cutie- like her Aunt Nicki.

The rest of the weekend I played phone/email tag with my family. Looks like we’ll be getting together next weekend.

We braved going to Wal-Mart and Walgreens on Christmas Eve to finish up some last minute shopping. It wasn’t too crazy- I think the rainy weather kept a lot of folks from getting out. There were some crazy-ass drivers that night and Christmas sharing the road with us and it got a bit chilly so staying indoors was a good thing.

We both got a lot of great gifts and enjoyed going through our stockings.

Although Nicki almost got a concussion for Christmas when a present fell over out of her stocking an knocked her in the top of her head!

I think the Darth Vader Build-A-Bear (Darth-Sunshine) helped her feel better.

I know my Adam Hughes Catwoman statue made me happy!

But our best Christmas presents were our new kitties.


Hope you had a warm and Merry Christmas, too!


Baby it’s cold outside..!
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