KISSes, dahling!

Hey gang-

Well, after a week or more of being sick thanks to a trip to the doctor, modern chemistry and Nurse Nicki I’m feeling human again. Over the weekend while recuperating on the couch I felt like doing some sketching.


Nicki’s sketchbook was handy and since she had just gone as Peter Criss from KISS for Halloween this year I thought it would be fun to draw him. Tried using some watercolor pencils, but aren’t crazy about the way they worked. Don’t know if it was them or operator error, but think I’ll try picking up a small regular watercolor set and practice with those a bit. It was still fun to draw and play.


We watched “UP” over the weekend and I was blown away with some of the work the Pixar animators were doing with their field kits on their location scouting trips to South America.


Would love to go out to Utah or Arizona and just sit and sketch and paint all weekend sometime. Maybe I can get a little in while I’m at Cactuscon this year.


Hope to get some more sketching done this week and weekend- and now that I’m feeling better maybe a bit more KISSing, too. 😉


“KISSes, dahling!”



KISSes, dahling!
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