Rain, rain, go away…

Got a bit more painting done this week, but the rain and humidity aren’t helping any.


Had to snag a paint brush when the copressor continued to spit out water, even when I drained it several times. Hopefully this weekend will be drier.


Still got a bit of work to do with the black/dark areas, and then hit a few more highlights. Hopefully no more than an hour or so left until Vincent is finished and I can start on a couple more. Shooting to get started on two more tonight or tomorrow morning.


Nicki’s sister Teresa is “stable” now. She’s been in the ICU with pneumonia this week. Nick’s been going to see her every day and has been taking care of a lot of things for her. She’s strong, but it’s been taking a lot out of her. You know she’s wiped out when she sleeps through a Predator’s game! They beat Colorado 3-2 in Nashville, BTW.

Just when you think you possibly couldn’t love anyone any more than you already do, they do or say something to make you realize you do love them more and more. That’s Nicki.

Love ya, Babe!


Don’t forget that the Haunted Web Of Horrors haunted house is now open. I’ve done some painting and set dressing there, and should be there some nights as Beetlejuice, Funny Bonz the Klown, or just another crazy person running around.


Hope to scare you there!


Rain, rain, go away…

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