New direction for Memphis?

Well, last night we had the first mayoral election without Herneton on the ballot for as long as I can remember voting in Memphis.


As I drove home I saw Jerry “The King” Lawler standing with some supporters on the corner of Poplar and Highland near the U of M. They were waving at passerbys and holding up “Lawler For Mayor” signs.


Jerry seemed to be genuinely disappointed with the number of votes he got, but for the amount of time we see him here around town, or the lack of I should say (other than when it’s election time, there’s a fireworks sale going on, or someone’s breaking into his jukebox) I can’t say I’m surprised that he got just under 4ooo votes.


If anything I’m surprised he got that many with only 25% of Memphians showing up to vote.


Speaking of which- it was a ghost town at my local voting station at the elementary school just up from my house. I had one guy walk in just before me and only saw one lady walking in as I was leaving. There were more election volunteers there than voters.


It was funny (and kinda sad) that there was a 100ft boundary marker to keep candidates away from the entrance of the polls. It seemed to keep the voters away, too!


After all was said and done, Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton was elected to be our next city mayor (by over 60%). Which makes me wonder…was this a step up for Mayor A.C., or a step down..?

I’ve met our new mayor several times at different events around town, and he’s always been friendly and dressed sharper than a tack! I think he’ll do a great job for the city, and can hopefully mend some of what’s ailing Memphis. It really needs a good shot of anti-apathy medicine, some wounds healed, and it’s short-sightedness corrected.

The town and surrounding areas have got some great potential- there has just been too many divisions keeping it from reaching a fraction of it. I’m hoping a new/old leader can help this town and my fellow citizens achieve that full potential and be a town more folks will want to call home.

Good luck, A.C.!


New direction for Memphis?
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