A haunting we will go!

It’s almost scaring time!


Last night I headed out to the haunt to get some work done. Pat had asked me to paint a “swampy” scene near the shack entrance.


I airbrushed most of it, but had a hard time with the black being black enough here and there, so I ended up just grabbing a can of black spray paint. Surprisingly black spray paint make great and easy Spanish moss effect.


Once the bridge is finished, pond put in, a bit of faux landscaping here and there, and some spooky lighting and we’ve got ourselves a swamp!


Going to go work in the 3-D section tonight. Got a new skull wall or two to finish out like last year’s.


To find out more info on the haunt check out-



Scare ya later!


A haunting we will go!
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One thought on “A haunting we will go!

  • 10 September, 2009 at 10:25 AM

    Can’t wait!

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