Busy weekend

Well, for a lazy weekend Nicki and I did a lot.


It was our “Year One” anniversary, so we started it off with some flowers and dinner downtown at Spaghetti Warehouse. Had a good time enjoying some Italian food and conversation.


After that we headed down to Beale Street to catch the trolley for the Main Street Art Walk.


The Main Street Trolley Tour/Art Walk happens the last Friday night of each month. I’ve been wanting to go for over a year now, but either forgot about it or had other plans. Main Street was hoppin’! We checked out a couple galleries and stores, Nicki got a glass of wine, and took a tour of some new condos that were rockin’ cool.


After the tour we walked past a small gallery that had a sign in the window- “Project Sketchbook”. I had to check it out!


We ran into a couple of our friends- Dean and Shane, I grabbed a cup of punch, said hello, talked batman tees and art, checked out a couple of the sketchbooks, and then headed out- got a bit too crowded for us.


It was a neat exhibit. I’d love to do something like that with the MSCA sometime.


We stopped and talked with a photographer, took some more pictures, crossed the street and headed back up Main past the Lorraine Motel and towards Beale.


Beale Street was busy, but not too packed.


Nicki stopped and talked to some Shriners that were selling charity raffle tickets for a “Boss Hog” trike that was tricked out as all get out! We walked down a bit more and caught the last song Richard Johnston was playing in front of the New Daisey Theater. He’s played there for years.


We decided to head back up Beale to the car. I’d stop from time to time and take some shots of the neon signs around…





…and this guy!

After that we called it a night. I spent most of the weekend painting. Worked on a new Snape paiting for the October show. Going to try and finish it up tonight.


Nicki and I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out together watching HDTV (we’re addicted to it now and try to plan weekend home improvement projects), measuring rooms for future flooring, and spending some relaxed time together.

On Sunday thanks to google maps we got a bit lost on the way to her Aunt Maxie’s viewing. She passed away this week. I’ve done Thanksgiving, Christmas, Nicki’s birthday, and other things with her family, but this was the first thing like this I’ve attended with them. Nicki picked up her mom for the funeral today. It’s going to be really tough for them, but I’m really glad they have each other and are so close. I really like her family- they always make me feel welcome, even in tough times like this.


That reminds me- I need to call my mom.

Type at ya later,


Busy weekend
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