Do you know me..?

Hey gang-

My bio page has been updated (thanks Nicki!) with “Lin’s Fun (and Not So Fun) Facts”. Lots of strange, funny, and just stupid trivia about me.

I was checking out my friend Josh Elder’s site ( and got a kick out of his “ELDER’S FUN FACTS” and thought it would be fun to do a list on my own site. If you sit and think about your life long enough you can really come up with some unusual trivia about yourself. Try it- I dare ya!


Did you know I was in the special features of a Blues Brothers DVD?

Did you know my dad tried to play Evel Knievel with the family car?

Did you know I sold worms as a kid?

Yep- and lots more useless trivia to be found on my bio page.

I’d love to know some crazy trivia about you.


Do you know me..?
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