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PKD Podcast and KOTOR Kitties 0

PKD Podcast and KOTOR Kitties

Hey gang- The second part of the interview Wonton and I did with Shawn Pryor and Jon Carroll for The Black Box podcast is now available. We talk more about digital comics, distribution, web comics, Jetta, Bushi Tales, my B/W art show and Comic Whore site. KOTOR Kitties Our recently...

Pod-people Invade Memphis! 0

Pod-people Invade Memphis!

Well, sort of… PKD Media’s Shawn Pryor and Memphian Jon Carroll (The Oblivion Bar blog) give me and Antone Wade (Jetta:Tales of the Toshigawa) a call to talk about self-publishing comics, distribution, this site, ninjas, M.C. Hammer pants and more! The PKD Black Box Podcast You can get it (Episode...