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Bidding in Memphis!

This past Saturday night Nicki and I attended the Orpheum Theatre’s 33rd Annual Auction in downtown Memphis with our friends Tim, Traci, Rhonda, and Lynn. I got a few free tickets ($100 each!) for donating one of my Monsterpieces and painted a “MEMPHIS” chair for their annual auction, which raises...


Orpheum’s 17th Annual Art Auction, Sunday- August 21st

The Orpheum Theatre is presenting its Annual Art Auction this Sunday- August 21st. The Orpheum’s 17th Annual Art Auction celebrates and promotes local artists in Memphis’s diverse and growing art community. 75% of the proceeds go directly to the artists, while the remaining 25% is used to fund Orpheum education...

Dave Does Comics- Fulltime! 0

Dave Does Comics- Fulltime!

Heard from my Bushi Tales comics partner Dave Beaty this week. He had some good news- he had just turned in his two weeks notice at his day job so he could draw comics full time!  For the past year or so he’s been doing some side work for DC,...