Happy \S/uperman Day!

Hey, \S/uper-friends…Happy \S/uperman Day!

To celebrate Superman Day I thought I’d share some of my renditions of the big blue boy scout.


Sketchcovers – markers.

On Fox 13/Good Morning Memphis talking about designing tees for the Superman Celebration.

Metropolis Superman Celebration tees (digital and screen-print) and Massac Theatre illustration (markers).

Scott Cranford/Metropolis Superman – markers (left), airbrush (right).


Josh Boltinghouse/Metropolis Superman – markers.

Bizarro/Superkid- acrylics on canvas.

Superkid con sketch – markers.

In Metropolis with Brandon Routh/Superman – airbrushed.  

In Metropolis with Michael Rosenbaum/Lex Luthor “Smallville”- airbrushed.

With Tess Fowler at the Phoenix Comic Con art auction- Tom Welling/Clark Kent “Smallville”, airbrushed.


George Reeves/Superman in Metropolis- B/W airbrushed.

Christopher Reeve/Superman/Clark Kent – airbrushed.

Mark Pillow/Nuclear-Man  – markers (left), digital (right)

Superkid webtoons- digital.


Superman webtoons – digital.


I’m sure I’ve got more, but that’s enough for this blog post. BTW- the Metropolis Superman Celebration would normally be happening this weekend, but due to Covid it has been pushed back to July 30 – August 1, 2021. I’m going to try and have some art donations finished in time for the Save The Massac Theatre charity auction at the Celebration. I’ll post pics of them as I get them done. Going to try and make a day trip up this year.

Stay \S/uper…and cool!


Happy \S/uperman Day!