I’m A POD-Person…Again! My New Podcast “Drawing Funny” Is Now Available

Hey, gang- as of this month I am a podperson again!

It took a little doing, but the new MSCA podcast Drawing Funny is now available online and I’ve got 3 (and a half) episodes in the can. I’ve been a co-host and a guest on other podcasts, but this is the first one I’m at the helm of. I’ll be recording more episodes soon. Looking at recording the MSCA monthly zoom meeting calls, and doing monthly round-table discussions with 2-3 guest co-hosts. As soon as it is safe enough for us all to get together again in person I’ll be taking the show on the road to MSCA dinner meet-ups, comics shops, conventions, and other events to record. I’m still working on the format and running time, but want it to be an all ages podcast and spotlight local creators and events. Hoping to expand out to talk to other creators and artist friends I haven’t talked to in a while. Would like it to feel more like conversations than interviews, and be informative while being fun and casual.

Hope you like what I’ve done so far. Please be sure to “like” and subscribe to this podcast on iTunesSpotifyBreakerGoogle PodcastsRadio PublicPocket Casts, and other places you can get podcasts – as well as the show’s website: www.drawingfunny.com. Trying to make it is as accessible as possible..!

You can also follow my show on on social media:

Twitter- @drawingfunny1
Instagram- @drawingfunnypod

I’ve dropped off some MSCA and Drawing Funny free swag off to The Cellar out in Bartlett- MSCA pins, buttons, stickers, and DF magnets. Some Memphis Ghostbusters stickers and business cards are available, too. All are by the front door. Will be doing some more promo merch and postcards for the show and the MSCA soon.
BTW- The new issue of the MSCA Zine, #3 “Magic“, is now available for purchase at The Cellar, 901 Comics, and Comics & Collectibles. Issue #4 “Animals” will be out at those shops in a couple weeks. I’ve got a few toons in each. We’re putting together a holiday/winter themed issue right now.
Stay tooned“!


I’m A POD-Person…Again! My New Podcast “Drawing Funny” Is Now Available
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