“Goodbye, Radio Rogues…”- I’ve Said Goodbye To The Rogues Radio Podcast

“Podperson no more…”

As some of you may have heard I’m no longer doing the Rogues Radio Podcast with my former “Bushi Tales” partner Dave Beaty. Episode 13 was the last one podcast I recorded.


Dave and I have been friends since the early ’90s, and still remain friends. I had fun doing the show and was glad we got to interview some of our friends and talk comics, but it just seems we’re both wanting different things from the podcast so I’m stepping away.

Dave is continuing on with the show and I wish him lots of luck with it and his other projects. He’s already done a few solo episodes so far, and he may bring on a new co-host(s) for future episodes.

You can listen to it at http://roguesradio.libsyn.com/, on iTunes, on Stitcher here– or just ask Alexa to “play the ‘Rogues Radio Podcast‘ on Stitcher.” 

If you would like to hear my solo episode I recorded at the Memphis Comic Expo you can here it here- Episode 11: DonnieCon ROCKS!

Thanks to everyone who has listened to the show and/or been a guest on it.


*UPDATE: As of Episode 19 Dave has called it quits on the podcast as well. I had hoped he would continue after I left, and after a couple changes in format he decided to pull the plug on the Rogues….

**UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Dave has renamed the show Retro Rogues LIVE and it’s a YouTube show and podcast. I am doing the podcast Drawing Funny myself.

“Goodbye, Radio Rogues…”- I’ve Said Goodbye To The Rogues Radio Podcast
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