“Where’s Workman?”

Hey gang-

Sorry for such a long time between updates. It’s been a busy and crazy summer!


Between doing a few shows (Little Rock, Birmingham, Huntsville, Memphis), getting new floors installed in our entire house, painting rooms, building new shelves and display cases, doing a Harry Potter display at our local library, being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, and a crap-ton of overtime at my day job several months of neglecting my website flew by!

I also have neglected my Have Geek Will Travel website…bad, Lin. 🙁


The good news is the floors are done, the painting is almost done, shelves are almost done, display has been taken down, my heart is good and health has improved in the past few weeks after some new meds, exercise, a diet change, and a very supportive wife- plus the fall weather is here (which means more time to paint in the garage).

Bad news is the OT at work continues…ugh!

Lots of things coming up in the next month or two, including a new Star Wars sketchcard set I’m working on for Topps, a couple trips planned, and hockey season finally being here!

Will be posting pics of the new and improved Batcave and Fangirl Room, the new Star Wars sketchcards, some new paintings, and another Orpheum chair, as well as pics from the cons we’ve attended over the summer.

Hope you’ve had a good summer.

Type at ya later- and promise it won’t be as long of a wait!


“Where’s Workman?”
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