To the Batmobile- and Metropolis!

This past week I had a couple visitors to my studio, or “The Batcave” as it hasĀ  come to be known. On Wednesday it became my “Fortress of Solitude”, and we found out it has a maximum capacity of 3 people.

Tom Dees and Derric Curran from Fox13’s “Good Morning Memphis” jumped in their “Road Patrol” vehicle and drove down to Hernando to talk to me about Batman– and Superman.

It was recently announced that I did the design for this year’s Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. It will be used on the tees and programs.

Tom and Derric have been to my Batcave studio before to do stories on my Star Wars sketch cards and airbrushed paintings. I normally get donuts from the local Hernando Donuts Shop, but since I saw on TV that they were spending the morning at Krispy Kreme near Graceland before heading my way I didn’t. As they were leaving Tom commented that they still smelled like donuts! Could be worse things to smell like..!

You can watch the entire video here on

I’ve had to scale back what I have on display in the Batcave these days and only have items in my studio, but when Nicki and I moved in together she inherited most of my Batgirl and Wonder Woman items and many are on display in her “Fangirl Room” office down the hall.

The only bat-stuff that’s not in either of our rooms is my painting of Gotham Public Works’ Harley Quinn, which hangs in the hallway that joins our two rooms.

Don’t forget- the 34th Annual Superman Celebration will be June 7-10, 2012 in Metropolis, IL– the official home of Superman…and second home to Jor-Elvis! I’ll be set up in Artists Alley/Writers Way across from the Noel Neill/Lois Lane statue on 8th and Market Street.

Oh, and if you’re in the DeSoto County area, stop by the Hernando Public Library on Commerce Street and check out the comics display Nicki and I did there in their lobby. It’s a mix of comics, original comic art, collectibles, movies, games, books and more from both of our collections.

Stay tuned for more info- including my Cape Con appearance and my upcoming art show at the Orpheum!


To the Batmobile- and Metropolis!
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