Have broom, will travel!

Hey gang-

Well, got a new cartoon illustration to share with you- Harry Potter!

It started off as a sketch request for one of the folks at the latest MSCA dinner meeting last Thursday.

They asked for a quick sketch of Harry Potter and Pikachu fighting to take home to their daughter.

I kinda liked Harry so I re-drew him over the weekend- then inked, scanned, and colored him.

Nicki and I have been watching a lot of Harry Potter this past year!

Speaking of Nicki, I’ve been working on the cake topper for our wedding cake (we’re having cupcakes but will have a cake top to cut).

Here’s how it started off. First I did a wire armature/skeleton and then added a two part resin called Magic Sculpt.

I’m about 65% done with the sculpting now. The hart will be the base. I’ll post a full tutorial when I’m done. Working on a couple other projects with it, too.

One of them was a new magic wand for Nicki! Magic Sculpt, wooden dowel, a bit of wire, some sandpaper and wood stain- viola!

This week we got chairs ordered for the wedding, and this weekend Nicki and I met with our florist, did a bit of wedding shopping, talked with her mom and sister Teresa about wedding munchies and decorations, and scheduled time for engagement photos with our wedding photographer. I also added some pics to the wedding site. A couple weekends ago she went wedding dress shopping with her mom and sisters. She found one she liked and got it and her veil ordered. It’s coming together and is going to be here before we know it!

This month (August 29th) Nicki and I will have been dating for 3 years…wow! (That’s our first date at a SHS football game in 2008.)


Have broom, will travel!
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