“What’s up, DAC?” DeSoto Arts Council’s Annual Member Appreciation Reception

Last night Nicki and I went to the DeSoto Arts Council’s Annual Member Appreciation Reception at the Banks House (564 W Commerce Street, Hernando).

The Banks House is the future home of the DeSoto Arts Council. DAC will be taking over the bottom floor of this old southern mansion.

Nicki and I have driven by the house several times (it’s located next to the DAC’s smaller Art House) but this was our first time to visit it.

After enjoying some BBQ, sweet tea, and banana pudding we walked around the grounds behind the mansion.

They’ve got lots of plans for the grounds and gardens, but Nicki and I were able to have fun taking shots with what’s already there.

We made our way inside and were amazed by the space. Very high ceilings, hardwood floors, and lots of rooms.

In one of the front rooms the DeSoto Camera Club had a great exhibit of photos taken around the mansion- lots of great detail shots.

There is still a lot of renovation left to do, but I’m glad we got to see it before it’s completely re-done.

Some really great architectural details in just about every corner.

After walking around the mansion I so want to do a Halloween art show here at the Banks House!

Maybe not this year- too much going on this October with the wedding and all, but maybe next year we can put something together with DAC

I’m really looking forward to seeing this space come back to life.

This is an amazing space and will be a great new home for the DeSoto Arts Council.

If you get a chance be sure to stop by the DAC Art House and see the Spring show- “Spring Into Art“.

I hate to see the old Art House go, but am excited to see DAC get a new home. Thanks to Vicky Neyman and all of the DAC members and volunteers.

Art is alive and well and growing in Hernando!


“What’s up, DAC?” DeSoto Arts Council’s Annual Member Appreciation Reception
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