Metropolis or bust..! Metro Comic Show 2011

Hey gang,

Yesterday I cranked up the Batmobile, picked up Tim Brown and Kevin Williams in Memphis, and then headed up to Metropolis, IL for this year’s Metropolis Super Con.

We had to make a detour due to a bridge we normally drive over being out, so we ended up coming into town a different way than normal.

It actually ended up putting us on the road the community center and con were. It also seemed to be a bit quicker once we got turned around, and less bridges to go over.

We got there just shortly after the show opened and since it was early on a Sunday morning attendance was a bit sparse. But one by one a lot of familiar faces started to arrive.

There was a mix of comics, toys, and video dealers, artists, wrestlers, a few cos-players (we missed the costume contest on Saturday)…

and even “SHAZAM!”- TV’s Capt. MarvelJackson Bostwick.

After the show we went down to Market Street to visit the new Noel Neill/Lois Lane statue.

We stopped by the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce to visit with our friends Lisa and Karla.

Then we went down the street to see our ol’ buddy Superman and have our traditional photo taken with him.

No trip to Metropolis would be complete for us without a detour through Sikeston, MO for a stop at Lambert’s Cafe!

I promise you’ll never leave Lambert’s hungry!

Or thirsty! Mmmm…sweet tea!

Looking forward to our return trip back in June for the Metropolis Superman Celebration. It’s the 9th though the 12th.

The streets will be a lot busier and the weather a lot warmer!

Hope to see you there-


Metropolis or bust..! Metro Comic Show 2011
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