Cash and Carry Sale

Hey gang-

I need to make room in the garage and add to the wedding fund so I’m going to do a cash and carry sale on my paintings- $200 and less each!

First up are some of my “Monsterpieces” I had in my “It’s Good To Be Bad: Monster Portraits of Villainy” show. These normally run around $500-1000 each.

Snape– 36″x48″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Dracula– 48″x48″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Bride- 36″x48″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Mummy– 24″x36″ airbrush on canvas $150.00

Up next- a coupleĀ  “Scared Silly” paintings.

Abby Normal– 24″x18″ acrylic on canvas $35.00

Mickey Myers– 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas $35.00

Finally- I’ve got a few Sherlock Holmes paintings available from my Theatre Memphis show.

Cushing– 24″x36″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

James Bragington– 30″x40″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Michael Caine– 30″x40″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

BrentĀ  Spiner/Data– 24″x36″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Nicholas Rowe/Young Sherlock-30″x40″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

Robert Downey, Jr.– 30″x40″ airbrush on canvas $200.00

These are all original paintings and either airbrushed or hand-painted in acrylics on gallery wrap canvases by me.

Again, they’re all cash and carry and a couple are kinda big (can deliver to the Memphis area for an additional $25). If you’re interested in any please contact me at lin (at) linworkman (dot) com.

Right now I’m not taking any commissions (trying to finish up the couple I have), but if I do I’ll post it here. I am currently working on a couple new paintings for MidSouthCon in March.

I’ll also have more Star Wars sketch card artist returns available this spring, and later this week I’ll be posting news about an autism art auction I’m participating in with the DAC and Mississippi Riverking’s Matt Summers.

Stay “tooned”!,


PS- my mom Shirley Workman is currently in the hospital due to diabetes. If you could please say a prayer for her my family and I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Cash and Carry Sale
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