The DeeP!

This past weekend Nicki, Mama Howe, and I went to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL.

While we were in Huntsville we decided to see if there were any comic shops in town and there was…

The Deep!

It’s kind of your typical looking comic shop, but very organized with a good product mix’

They have a large selection of current comics, back issues, toys, tees, and more.

No individual Hero-Clix, but lots of other gaming figures and cards to be had- and played.

They have a large gaming area in the back right corner behind the graphic novel and gaming book section.

They have a kids/all ages friendly section.

Lots of cool sketches.

A few of the DC lead figures came home with us.

As well as some back issues and a Blackest Night Wonder Woman figure.

It was Mama Howe’s first time in a comic shop so Nicki showed her how to find some treasures by digging through back issue long boxes and the $1 bins.

I found a few good ones, too!

Stargods #2 (alternate cover) and Stargods Visions.

And a copy of Bushi Tales #2 (regular cover)- all at cover price or just slightly higher!

We had a great time visiting The Deep and will stop by whenever we’re in Huntsville. If you’re out that way I recommend stopping in.

The DeeP, Comics & Games
2312 S. Memorial Pkwy Suite A
Huntsville, AL 35801


Thanks to The DeeP for carrying Bushi Tales!


The DeeP!
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