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Happy 3yr Anniversary, Nicki- see ya at the alter in 2mo!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my first date with Nicki Howe– A.K.A the future “Mrs. Workman“. Our first date was a Friday night Southaven Chargers high school football game on August 29, 2008. They won that night- and so did I! Nicki and I both graduated from Southaven– for...


364 days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…!

Had a great Halloween weekend again this year. Hard to believe it’s over already. Thursday I went out to the Haunted Web of Horrors to scare some folks for a good cause- Youth Villages. Started off doing some scary zombie make-up. Had “Lil’ Richard” help me with my Beetlejuice make-up....


The Art Show Is Afoot!

My art show “Elementary: The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes” is now open at Theatre Memphis. This show represents many of the real life people who came to fame playing Sherlock Holmes. I started off painting my favorite Holmes- Basil Rathbone, but wanted to show a variety of Sherlocks from...