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Bidding in Memphis!

This past Saturday night Nicki and I attended the Orpheum Theatre’s 33rd Annual Auction in downtown Memphis with our friends Tim, Traci, Rhonda, and Lynn. I got a few free tickets ($100 each!) for donating one of my Monsterpieces and painted a “MEMPHIS” chair for their annual auction, which raises...

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Hey gang- Got some cool news. I was interviewed for a new SIVAD/TN horror hosts video this week. Jerry Lawler, Adam Shaw, and some of SIVAD/Watson Davis’ friends and co-workers were interviewed, too. It was a lot of fun and painless. As soon as I hear anything about its release...

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SIVAD Tribute Show

The SIVADS of March are upon us- starting tonight! Lots of great events happening this weekend paying tribute to Watson Davis, also known as SIVAD– local horror host of “Fantastic Features” here in Memphis back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I’ll be a part of a horror art...